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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trade with Sportscards from the Dollar Store

Easily one of my favorite traders that I have come into contact with over the past few months has been Douglas C. over at Sportscards from the Dollar Store. While the majority of trades made between bloggers are of the hit-for-hit variety, Douglas provides me with some base cars from the various sets I am working on, and when you collect hockey, those kinds of fellow collectors can be a rarity. For nothing more than three hits of mine, I was able to obtain 70 cards for four sets I am working on.

Here's a look at what he was nice enough to send me, along with what remains in those sets.

2011-12 Upper Deck: 2 Cards (Series 1 Complete)

2011-12 Certified: 11 Cards (91 left)

2011-12 Titanium - 21 Cards (59 left)

2012-13 Certified - 36 Card (2 left)

I am close to completing a couple and have a ways to go on others. If you have some singles to spare, go check out my needs list and let me know what you've got. Thanks!

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