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Sunday, December 23, 2012

2010-11 Luxury Suite Sidney Crosby Jersey/Prime

While I have indulged myself greatly in my hockey collecting over the past year, one thing that has gone neglected has been my love for 2010-11 Luxury Suite. I've always had an appreciation for this set, and Panini's desire to strip all the BS away from just one set and give us nothing but autographs, memorabilia and serial-numbered rookie cards.

For the longest time, I have had just one Crosby from this set, the "base" card, which is a single-colored jersey card, but I finally found is a companion.

This one features not only the single-colored swatch that the base version does, but also has a second swatch, which contains a piece of "prime" memorabilia. I'm not sure if this exists with other sports, but in hockey, at least, this refers to a seam where a piece of fabric is sewn to a piece of different colored fabric, and due to the design of the uniforms, I think this only applies to hockey. I know in football, Panini has used "prime" to refer to a single-colored patch.

Anyway, the card, is numbered 22/150, and knocks that one off of my needs list. next on the agenda is a Luxury suite card with a jersey swatch and a piece of his stick!

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