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Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012-13 Certified Case Break Loot + Bonuses

Since there aren't a whole lot of hockey box breaks going on in the Blog World, I end up joining a few via Ebay.This can be frustrating at times, since so many of them are "hit only" breaks, where your entry fee gets you JUST the inserts and hits, with base cards being discarded. I'm a Penguins fan, and I buy into breaks because I want Penguins cards, so the idea of throwing away base cards that I can add in to my collection is ludicrous to me.

I did, however, find one recently who did the opposite. Not only did I get all my base cards, but he threw in plenty of other extras on top of that.

I bought into a case break from Ebay seller stockexchanges for a case (8 boxes) of 2012-13 Certified, with a bonus box of 2011-12 Titanium.

My big hit of the break was pretty cool. I got a Mario Lemieux Fabric of the Game jersey card, numbered 62/299. Lemieux wore black and gold for his entire career, so the blue swatch most likely comes from the Alumni Game of the 2011 NHL Winter Classic. Apart from maybe Sidney Crosby, if I were to get a relic of any Penguins player, of course, he would be it.

I also got plenty of copies of the four Penguins base cards: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, James Neal, and Kris Letang. Marc-Andre Fleury has a Goalie Pulls insert card, various Fabric of the Game memorabilia cards, and is on one of the Path to the Cup insert cards, but does not have a base card in Certified this year. We also hit a Hot Box, and I got the parallel of Malkin from it.

My lone card from Titanium, luckily, was a hit. I already have the Titanium jersey card of Staal, but that one has a white swatch, so even though this one may be a duplicate, at the same time, it is not quite a duplicate.

The breaker advertised on his listing that there would be various bonuses for pulling certain cards. One of those bonuses went for "retro" players, and my Lemieux certainly fit that bill. He revealed the following three cards on a separate video after the break. I didn't buy any Upper Deck Series 2 last year, so I needed the Carl Sneep Young Guns, and with Ron Francis being a central figure of the Whalers/Hurricanes franchise, I don't always get cards of him in the black and gold.

The following cards are additional bonuses that I was in no way expecting before I opened the package.

Also included with my case break cards were TWO Sidney Crosby cards that I did not previously have. The first one comes from 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee and is a part of the Season Highlights insert set. This one has a shiny finish to the front and recognizes Crosby's first "Gordie Howe Hat Trick" (goal, assist, and fight int he same game) on 12/20/07. The second card comes from last year's NHL All Star Game in Ottawa and was produced exclusively for redemption packs that were given out during the festivities.

I also got a few cool inserts of retired Penguins, with a Mario Lemieux Retrospective card from 2000-01 BAP Signature, a Ron Francis 1997-98 Donruss Preferred Silver Variation, and a Joe Mullen Legends card from 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee.

This Marc-Andre Fleury Masked Marvels card from 2011-12 Certified is one that I remember looking for quite a lot last year, but I never saw one for the right price. Who knew I would eventually acquire it as a throw-in? Even though he has since been traded to Carolina, I love the Lottery Winners card of Jordan Staal, which recognizes his second-overall selection (behind Erik Johnson) in the 2006 NHL entry draft. The Ryan Stone retro parallel from 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee is another cool card, even though he is no longer with the franchise.

Lastly, I also received a rookie card of Sone and another REALLY cool rookie card, which is my third-favorite throw-in, after the two Crosbys: a Young Guns rookie card of Tyler Kennedy from 2007-08 Upper Deck.

Apart from being on the 2009 Stanley Cup winning team, my favorite thing about Kennedy is the goal celebration they would play in Pittsburgh on the jumbo-tron. A few years ago, there was a wrestler int he WWE named Mr. Kennedy, who introduced himself before every match in the style of a big-time boxing announcer, extending out the name, repeating the last name, etc. Since the names matched up, Mr. Kennedy (who now wrestles in TNA as "Mr. Anderson") recorded a special goal celebration video for Tyler.

Very cool.

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