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Thursday, November 1, 2012

BIG Redemption Replacement Win from Panini (Evgeni Malkin!)

After one extremely good redemption replacement experience from Panini and one that wasn't quite so great, I decided to roll the dice one more time on a redemption that has been sitting dormant for the mandatory four month waiting period.

Back in July, I opened up a couple boxes of 2011-12 Titanium and pulled, among many other cards, a redemption for an autographed patch card of Kyle Okposo, serial numbered to just 15 copies. Now, while I'm not a huge Okposo fan, but then again, he did go to college at the University of Minnesota and is a USHL alumnus, so I wouldn't turn it away either.

After four months of waiting, I decided I wasn't going to wait any longer. I called Panini, and just like I did the last time I called in, I politely asked the CSR on the phone if he could try and replace it with a card from a Pittsburgh Penguins player. He looked on his computer and informed me that there were no Penguins with the same specifications (Titanium-auto-patch-/15) as the Okposo, but said he could probably branch out into another set to fill the replacement. I said that would be fine.

The next day, I received my confirmation e-mail from Panini, saying that I have a package on the way. Being as impatient as I am, instead of waiting for the package to arrive, I logged on to my Panini account to see what was heading my way. Here's what I saw.

Evgeni Malkin! Awesome! But my initial excitement was somewhat lessened when I looked at the details. If you look at the Okposo, it clearly states that the card contains a patch and an autograph. The Malkin? Nothing. It just identifies it as "Mirror Gold." My worry was that I was giving up an an autographed patch card of a good player for a serial-numbered parallel of a great player. While I do like Malkin, I would not think that would be a fair exchange, giving up both a piece of memorabilia and an autograph. Still, I figured that there was no way that Panini would replace a hit with a non-hit, so I figured I would wait and see what I got before I came to any rash judgements.

Just a few days later, I found a padded manilla envelope from Panini in my mailbox. I opened it up to see what kind of Evgeni Malkin card they thought was a "fair value" for a Kyle Okposo autographed patch card.

Needless to say, I was VERY happy when I pulled this card out of the envelope:

It may not say it in the description, but this is an AUTOGRAPHED card of Evgeni Malkin numbered 9/25. 

It just goes to show, sometimes a simple phone call, a polite demeanor and an easy request can get you some pretty amazing cards in return.


  1. You suck!

    Very nice. I'm gonna to have to try the phone trick in the future for something Blackhawk-wise.

  2. Wow, signed Malkin card is good any day of the week...congrats!

  3. Congrats on the redemption upgrade!