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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Famous Fabrics Ink: Hockey Edition Pack Break

I picked up something from my LCS that I had been curious about for quite a long time, a pack of 2010 Famous Fabrics Ink: Hockey Edition. The product is a one-card-per-pack issue, which features a cut signature. The cut signature comes encased in a graded-card-style casing which is labeled at the top with information about the set the card comes from.

My cut signature was from Former New York Rangers captain Vic Hadfield. The cut is a little on the smaller size and surrounded by a massive frame. While it seems a little excessive, I'd much rather this than to have a bunch of white space from the cut being to small to fit perfectly in the allotted space. Each player is only used once in this set, making each card a 1/1.

It is an interesting product to open, but my advice would be to find one on the secondary market and purchase it that way. Some of the better players are selling for fractions of the price of an unopened pack, and there's just too much risk with it being a one-card-per-pack product.

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