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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Player Collections - Baseball

I'm splitting off my Want List into separate pages for sets and player collections. I've split the players off into different sections. The "Starting Nine" are the main players I go after, and are in order of preference. Eventually, I'd like to itemize each card I have of them as a linkable page, but we're taking baby steps here.

The Starting Nine
1. Ryne Sandberg
2. Starlin Castro
3. Josh Hamilton
4. Jim Thome
5. Kerry Wood
6. Ernie Banks
7. Scott Kazmir
8. Kirby Puckett
9. Kent Hrbek

Current and Former Cubs
Ron Santo
Billy Williams
Ferguson Jenkins
Greg Maddux
Kosuke Fukudome
Ryan Dempster
Bruce Sutter
Alfonso Soriano
Matt Garza
Mark Prior
Mark Grace
Aramis Ramirez
Andre Dawson
Sammy Sosa
Mordecai Brown
Frank Chance

Brooklyn Dodgers
Roy Campanella
Jackie Robinson
Pee Wee Reese
Duke Snider

Other Current Players
Joe Mauer
David Price
Derek Jeter
Hanley Ramirez
Hunter Pence
Evan Longoria
Buster Posey
Roy Oswalt
Torii Hunter
Mike Stanton
Alex Rodriguez
Josh Johnson
Justin Morneau
Jason Heyward
Brad Lidge

Legends and Other Former Players
Roger Maris
Craig Biggio
Billy Wagner
Ken Griffy Jr. 
Nolan Ryan
Dave Winfield
Yogi Berra
Cal Ripken
Walter Johnson
Lance Berkman
Lou Gehrig
Ozzie Smith
Christy Mathewson
Frank Robinson
Carl Yaztrzemski
Warren Spahn
Bo Jackson 
Mickey Mantle
Hank Greenberg
Paul Molitor
Rod Carew
Casy Stengel
Andy Pettitte
Hank Aaron
Babe Ruth
Tony Gwynn
Jeff Bagwell
Honus Wagner
Bobby Thomson
Satchel Paige
Pete Rose
Ty Cobb
Whitey Ford
Brooks Robinson
George Brett
Bob Feller
Rogers Hornsby
Lou Brock
Johnny Bench
Eddie Mathews


  1. Both of the ads on this site are in Japanese or Chinese or something similar (I wouldn't know how to tell which). What's up with that?

    That's an impressive list, and it's a good idea you prioritized the players. But (maybe you already did this) what are you looking for from each player? Just base? Whatever you can get your hands on? An autograph?

  2. it's a chinese ad for HSBC.
    pretty weird.

    I like the format of your starting nine list by the way, makes it clear what you collect.