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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 Panini Limited Football Box Break

With some major cuts to 2012-13 hockey products announced, and the Superbowl on the horizon, I decided to pick me up some football cards. I went with 2012 Panini Limited, which is basically a one-pack box, and if you've read this blog for any length of time, my love for Limited of any sport should leave this as no surprise to anyone.

Each box contains seven cards. Of those seven, it usually works out to three base cards, one insert or parallel, and three hits, one of which is guaranteed to be an autograph. Here's a quick look at what my box contained.

Base: Reggie Bush 109/399, Charlie Joiner Legend 67/349, Tyrone Crawford Phenom 63/299. I did ok here. No major superstars, since Reggie Bush has kind of fallen off the map, hobby-wise at least, but the fact that I got one Legend and one Phenom is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I don't care much for the Dolphins, Cowboys, or Chargers, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. I do like how they kept the serial numbering on the base cards. For some reason, they took that away from Limited basketball this year, and I've always liked that feature to this set.

I hit it really big with my insert on this pack, landing a Jerry Rice gold parallel, numbered 18/25. Considering all of the inserts, all of the players, and all of the one-and-done rookies that are included in football products, the fact that my one insert is a super-low numbered card of the greatest wide receiver of all time is pretty stinkin' awesome.

Now for the hits!  As I said earlier, each box is guaranteed to contain one autograph. Mine must have been a lucky box, because as you will see, I opened up two autos and two patches, and all three are from teams playing in the Superbowl!

First off is a Membership auto of AJ Jenkins, numbered 60/99. I saw this cards and figured, hey, a member of one of the Superbowl teams. Awesome! Unfortunately, Jenkins has yet to do much of anything for the NFC Champions. In fact, when I googled him to find out some info on his season, the first thing that came up was an article titled, "49ers AJ Jenkins Not Producing." Uh oh.

Still, this next card more than makes up for it. Here is a FANTASTIC looking patch card of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, numbered 15/15. I'm pretty indifferent to the Ravens as a whole, but I will say that their color scheme produces some beautiful looking patch cards.

Oh, and speaking of Ravens running backs, my third hit was a redemption for an autographed Phenoms patch card of Bernard Pierce. Pierce is in his first season in the NFL, and is number two on the depth chart behind Rice. He played in all 16 games this season, taking 108 rushes for 532 yards and 1 touchdown.

I would say that there will be more Limited football on the horizon for me, but with Limited hockey coming out soon, I'm not too sure about that. Either way, even if this ends up being my only pack of Limited football this year, I was very happy with what I got. With a low numbered card of one of the sports greatest legends, plus two autographs and two patches, how could I ever complain?

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