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Monday, April 11, 2011

Topps Value Pack From Target - It's A Hit!!!!!

Went to jury duty this morning, which is never fun,. but every case either pleaded out or got dismissed, so I was on my way out at 11 AM, which was nice, especially since as juror #14, I had a good chance of getting picked. On my way home, I stopped by Target and picked up one of those Topps value packs. I've opened one up already and absolutely love the idea. Let's see what I got:

Topps Pack #1:
321 Jeremy Guthrie
215 Edwin Encarnacion
37 Vincente Padilla
129 Lucas Duda (RC)
53 Arizona Diamondbacks
KC-46 Mel Ott Kimball Champions
60YOTLC-5 Stan Musial Lost Cards
TT-24 Josh Johnson Toppstown
226 Jose Guillen
225 Josh Willingham
300 Roy Halladay
 128 Manny Ramirez

Topps Pack #2:
172 Lyle Overbay
163 Carlos Pena
252 Michael Saunders
88 Brian Bogusevic (RC)
80 Desmond Jennings (RC)
114 Russell Martin
14 Randy Wolf
DD-JC Derek Jeter/Robinson Cano Diamond Duos
60YOTLC-3 Mickey Mantle Lost Cards
 TT-13 Chase Utley Toppstown
256 Tyler Colvin
58 Edgar Renteria

Topps Pack #3:
257 Travis Hafner
111 Kevin Gregg
223 Gregory Infante (RC)
304 Jim Tome (Checklist)
146 Roy Halladay (Award Winner)
T60-15 Jason Heyward Topps 60
T60R-TH Torii Hunter Topps 60 Jersey
 TT-20 Ichiro Toppstown
147 Jon Niese
308 Ian Desmond

Topps Pack #4:
133 Miguel Tejada
25 Carl Crawford
237 Jason Vargas
211 Joey Votto (Award Winner)
317 Yonder Alonso (RC)
192 Cincinnati Reds
DD-BY Wade Boggs/Kevin Youkilis
60YOT-34 Steve Garvey 60 Years of Topps (1985)
 TT-1 Miguel Cabrera Toppstown
22 Barry Zito
101 Gregor Blanco
48 Andrew Cashner

Topps Pack #5:
263 Joel Pineiro
115 Jason Varitek
272 J.J. Hardy
70 Kyle Drabek (RC)
157 New York Mets
109 Josh Hamilton/Miguel Cabrera/Joe Mauer League Leaders (Batting Average)
TDG-2 Jackie Robinson Diamond Giveaway (Redeemed for 1988 Dennis Eckersley)
KC-33 Martin Prado Kimball Champions
TT-2 Dan Haren Toppstown
266 Richie Weeks
271 Adam Dunn
86 Carlos Silva

Topps Heritage Pack #1:
1 Josh Hamilton
 182 Cody Ross
88 Joe Girardi
336 John Lackey
314 Miguel Cabrera "Cabrera's Power"
69 Cory Luebke (RC)
354 Hunter Pence
101 Jacoby Ellsbury
291 Bobby Cramer (RC)

Topps Heritage Pack #2:
64 Nick Markakis
247 Jonathan Lucroy
353 Neil Walker (Rookie Cup)
C87 Carlos Zambrano Chrome (1410/1962)
251 Texas Rangers
269 Lance Berkman
30 Chipper Jones
386 Michael Cuddyer
184 Kurt Suzuki

Chrome Refractor:
MBC-1 Mickey Mantle
TDG-2 Jackie Robinson (Redeemed for 1992 Jeff Montgomery (Picture shows Denny Martinez. Who Knows))
TDG-6 Roy Halladay (Redeemed for 1984 Phil Niekro)
Super thrilled with this pack. Pulled a relic, a Heritage chrome and an extra Diamond Giveaway card. Seriously, if anyone has some money burning a hole in their pocket, give this package a try. It's cheap, it has some quality stuff, and above all else, it's fun!

So long everyone, and happy trading!

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