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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Target Gives Me the Pull of a Lifetime - What To Do???

Went a little crazy yesterday at my friendly neighborhood Target store. They had three of the Topps value packs I have become a big fan of, especially since pulling a Topps relic card out of the last one I purchased, so I decided to buy all three. I may have spent too much money, and upon seeing the receipt, my wife promptly informed me that it would be my father's day gift, but after what I pulled, I'm perfectly happy with that.

Now, I never have considered myself to be lucky when it comes to hits. I'll get the guaranteed numbers when I buy a box, but I usually end up with nothing more than cards to trade to other bloggers. Yesterday, though, my luck changed. I noticed that one of the Heritage packs was just a bit thicker than the rest, so I figured I'd find a jersey card of some player from the Braves or Dodgers that I could trade away for a Cub. Not quite.

Here's what greeted my surprised eyes:

Wow. Luckily, I was home by myself, so my 2-year-old wasn't exposed to the stream of "HOLY S***s" that escaped my mouth. A dual auto/patch relic of Frank Robinson and Mike Stanton, numbered 2/10. Out of all the cards from all the years I have been buying, I have NEVER pulled anything quite like this. Both autographs are on-card, it has an INCREDIBLY low serial number, the Robinson swatch is clearly from a well-worn jersey and that Stanton patch is just GORGEOUS.

So, now the question is, what to do? Keep it? Sell it? Trade it?

The sheer fact of who it is makes me want to save it in my collection. However, if I can flip it on ebay, I might be able to take care of my card collection for the rest of the year. Depending on what it sells for, I might be able to get me 2 boxes of Allen & Ginter, a box of Topps Series 2 and a box of Topps Updates and highlight, but then again, I might be thinking WAY too optimistically about it. I know if I want to sell it, I need to do it now, while Heritage is still a hot product and Gypsy Queen is about to kick it into gear.

What do you guys think? Sell it? Keep it? And if I decided to sell it, what could I realistically expect? The baseball historian in me wants to keep it, but the collector in me is looking at what I might be able to turn it into.


  1. Bob Gibson dual patches (with Roy Hallady)but without autos go for around $85 on the bay, so you'd have to think at least that, right?

    I'd hang on to it myself, but then I'm a Reds fan, and it is Frank Robinson. Ultimately I try to think about looking at the card five, ten years from now. Will it make me happy to look at again? Bring back good memories? Then I'd probably keep it.

    If you do decide to move it, lmk. I'm not sure if I can find enough to trade for it, but I'll give it a go if needed.

  2. Nice Pull!!! I'd sell it so I could buy more stuff, but thats just me!

  3. WOW! I too would sell it and buy more of those packs from Target since you're on a hot streak.

  4. Congrats! I suck at judging card prices, but I don't see how that could be any less than $250.

  5. If you're a fan of Robinson or Stanton, keep it. Otherwise, sell & buy something that you'd like better. (Do not, under any circumstances, use the proceeds for more wax -- you'll just be disappointed when you don't pull anything as rare.)

  6. I'd keep it. Frank Robinson was a beast and Mike Stanton is on his way to stardom.

  7. That would be hard to let go of....