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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Redemption Replacement Roulette - It was Bound to Happen at Some Point: 2011-12 Limited Joe Vitale Phenoms Auto

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite card-related games to play is Redemption Replacement Roulette, where i take a redemption card that I care little to nothing about, and see if I can get it replaced with a card that I really like from one of my favorite team (OK, it's almost always the Pittsburgh Penguins, but still...).

The latest one come courtesy of 2011-12 Panini Past & Present Basketball. Due to issues with last year's NBA lockout, similar to what hockey card collectors are dealing with this year, there was to rookie class in 2011-12 products. What they decided to do instead, was include redemption cards which would be good for 2012-13 rookie cards of those players, or at least I think that's how it works out.

Anyway, I picked up a box of Past & Present, simply because I hadn't purchased any basketball in a while and like to add to the collection from time to time. I pulled a jersey card of a guy I've never heard of two Elusive Ink autos, and a redemption for a rookie autograph. The subject of the auto was unknown at the time, only going by a four letter code, XRCE, which would be determined at some point in the fall. When the time came to assign the players to the codes, this one turned out to be MarShon Brooks of the Brooklyn Nets. I had held on to the card, just in case it ended up being someone like Kyrie Irving, but MarShon Brooks?

Well, the customary four month waiting period had passed, so game on!

As per usual, I requested a Penguin, and received a Joe Vitale Phenoms auto from 2011-12 Limited, numbered 184/299.

This is a great card, and I love the on-fabric autograph, but the only problem is, I already have this card. Now, I can't really hold it against Panini. I purchased the card myself late December to go with the Silver Spotlight parallel that Panini sent me as a replacement for a previous redemption.

That being said, I still consider it to be a good swap. Instead of an autograph of a player I haven't heard of from a team I don't care about, I get a cool-looking autograph from my favorite team of a player who appears to be a mainstay with the Penguins' fourth line.


  1. Win. I should look into this insert set. Great card.

  2. Just went through a redemption replacement with Panini and I was disappointed with the end result.