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Monday, March 4, 2013

$25 Box From Card Show Pt. 3 - Basketball

After kicking off the series with some non-sports and continuing with baseball, let's take a look at some of the basketball hits I got out of my $25 card show box. There weren't a whole lot of baseketball cards, just 10, but there still were some pretty cool additions to my collection, or at the very least, maybe some good trade bait.

2006-07 SPX Solomon Jones 289/1199

2008-09 MVP Jermaine O'Neal, Donyell Marshall, 2008-09 Skybox Standouts Josh Howard,  2008-09 Skybox Rookie Preview Eric Gordon

2002-03 Topps Finest Smush Parker (303/999, 306/999, 547/999),  2009-10 Classics Ryan Gomes 111/299, 2008-09 Skybox Alexis Ajinca

As always, let me know if anything is of interest to you.

Especially the Smush Parkers. Nobody needs three Smush Parker autos.

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