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Saturday, March 2, 2013

$25 Box From Card Show Pt. 1 - Hockey & Some Non-Hits

While I wait for my group break boxes to arrive, I figured I'd show you a FANTASTIC deal I got at a card show last month. It was a while ago, but it's taken me a while to get everything sorted, scanned in, and to find the time to write it all up. I think this will end up being a five-part series, but there's really that much good stuff to go over.

Anyway, I was at the show, which was held at my local mall, ina small conference room in the basement, right next to my LCS. There were only about 7 or 8 dealers there, most of which were selling dingles of Vikings and Twins players, with a few extras thrown in.  I was at one of the tables and begun rifling through a box of "3 for $5" hits, just to see if there was anything that would interest me for $1.67 a pop. Well, I get about 20 cards into it and the dealer tells me, "I'll give you the whole thing for $25." I immediately put the cards I was rifling through back in the box and without looking at anything else in there, I said, "Deal."

The right side of the box is empty cases, football stickers,a nd non-sport junk wax, but every card on the left side is either an autographed card or a memorabilia card.

There are 178 hits in total. Not bad for just $25.

There was just one lone hockey card in the box, an on-card autograph of the newest Dallas Star, Erik Cole, from 2002 Be A Player. 

There were also three non-hits that weaseled their way into the box:  2008 Topps Evan Longoria Rookie, 2012 Ignite Danica Patrick NASCAR Rookie, and a 2008 Bowman Orange Kevin Youkilis numbered 100/250.

There were also a TON of football stickers from 1987 topps, but no sticker album. Maybe I'll hit up Ebay and see if I can put the whole thing together with what I got. They're too thin and flimsy to count without spending way too much time on it, but there has to be at least 200 of them in here, with some great names like Eric Dickerson, Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, Warren, Moon, Marcus Allen, and MUCH more.

 There's also an unopened deck of 1992 Atlanta Braves playing cards, because why the hell not?

 There was also a nearly-completed set of 1993 X-Men Series 2 cards. I have cards 1-90, and am just midding cards 93, 95, and 100.

And lastly, and certainly the least, is a near complete set of 1992 Pro Set Beauty and the Beast cards. Like the X-Men cards, I am three short of this set as well, needing cards 53, 74, and 75. Also included, though is all 10 Color-In insert cards and all 10 Scratch-and-See insert cards (7 and 8 are scratched off).

So, there we go. Now that some of the oddities are out of the way, tomorrow, I'll hit you with the 28 baseball hits I got out of the box.


  1. 28 hits for $25. That's a good deal in my book.

    1. 28 is just baseball. All sports included, there are 178 in total (mostly football).