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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2012-13 ITG Motown Madness Box Break

Ever since first discovering In the Game last year, I have been a huge fan of their products, specifically, their high-end releases.  I have previously picked up Decades: 1980s, Captain C, Broad Street Boys, Enforcers, and now I get to add Motown Madness to that list.

In the same way that Broad Street Boys paid tribute to the history of the Philadelphia Flyers, Motown Madness does the same for the Detroit Red Wings. Each box contains 12 cards, which consists of five base cards, four autographed cards, two memorabilia cards, and one manufactured patch card.

Here's what my box gave me:

Base cards: Luc Robitaille, Norm Ullman, Hap Emms, Jason Woolley, Greg Stefan

Autos: Reggie Leach, Danny Grant, Ron Harris, Greg Smith

Memorabilia: Sergei Fedorov Jersey, Greg Stefan Jersey, Danny Gare Replica Patch

I really like how with the Danny Gare, they not only put the swatch of the patch replica, but on the back of the card, they also tell you the exact patch that it represents. Here's a look at the full patch, courtesy of Google Images:

Motown Madness is like a lot of the highly specific products that ITG puts out. If you're a fan of the Red Wings, you'll absolutely LOVE this. If not, then it's still a good product, and for seven hits at this price, you can't go wrong.

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  1. I'm going to probably be the only "negative nancy" on this once again and say that I am still unimpressed by these boxes. This is the fourth one of these that I have seen opened and other than maybe one of the GU cards in your box and maybe an auto or two in the others, I really can't see the value to these yet. I try to pick up everything that ITG puts out but these team oriented boxes are starting to bug me (probably because they will never make a Pens one). I suppose a Detroit fan would love these but I'm thinking that unless you are a SUPER-FAN, getting a Greg Stefan (the dirtiest goalie of all time) or a Danny Gare fake patch isn't going to cut it. The design is great. The quality of the product is great. I just think the price needs to drop to get it to a palatable level.