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Group Break entries are now closed, the boxes have been ordered and secondary teams have been randomized. Follow THIS LINK for final team assignments.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Group Break Results Part 1: 2007-08 Upper Deck Artifacts

After a few weeks of waiting, it is finally here!!!  The boxes were ordered, delivered, opened, recorded, and now they are finally getting posted. We're busting open a box each of 2007-08 Artifacts, 2011-12 Between the Pipes, and 2009-10 Black Diamond, which hopefully will give us some great hits and some good cards.

Let's get things started with the box of Artifacts. Each box contains 10 packs of 4 cards, with lots of great extras. We are guaranteed one autographed card, along with three low-numbered memorabilia cards, one of which is either a patch card or a combo jersey card, so this should be a good one.

Anyway, let's get to the video:

Now, for the scans:

Nathan Horton Autographed 1/1

Brad Boyes Autofacts, Curtis Joseph Treasured Swatches Patch 17/25, Jaromir Jagr/Martin Straka Tundra Tandems Dual Jersey 15/25, Alex Tanguay Frozen Artifacts Jersey 82/100

Martin Lojek Rookie Silver 42/100, Rob Schremp Rookie 15/999, Mathieu Roy Rookie 798/999, Evgeni Malkin Stars 574/1499, Bernie Parent Legends 721/1499, Rookie Redemption (Expired, would have been T.J. Hensick)

There you have it. A GREAT way to start the break with an autographed 1/1. Since I pulled the expired rookie redemption for one of my own teams, I think what I'll do is just random off the 2012-13 Black Diamond set among the group break participants.

Anyway, we'll be back tomorrow with the box of 2011-12 Between the Pipes.


  1. Ooh Panthers Hot Box! Hang on... didn't I draw Florida? Amazing!

    1. No kidding! I was VERY surprised when I saw that foil numbering peeking out of the bottom corner. Congrats on such a great pull!

  2. This was a pretty awesome box. The hits are all pretty sweet. It's also pretty crazy there was a 1/1! That Joseph patch is very nice.

    1. No kidding! I was very happy with this box. It's amazing how many great hits end up going to the randomized teams. It gives the break that extra element of surprise.

    2. And of course I dig that Jagr/Straka card. I'm a fan of both players, moreso when they played for NY.

  3. As i have over 42 1/1's from this set...would you be willing to sell.?