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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Here's One Way to Get Some Game-Used Memorabilia

Just as proof of how awesome my wife is, we had the opportunity for a date night tonight, with my brother watching the kids, and she agrees to go to a hockey game with me, which is super cool. We haven't had the chance to see too many games of the Fargo Force, our local USHL (junior league) team. The games are great, very affordable, a whole lot of fun.

It was an entertaining game between the Force and the Lincoln Stars, with a back-and-forth score that ultimately ended in a 2-3 loss. We saw an awesome game with a lot of intensity from both sides, and I saw my very first "staged" fight, which is where players drop the gloves immediately at faceoff.

The coolest part of the evening for me, though, took place about halfway through the third period, when a puck flew out into the stands, banged off of the upright vacant seat next to me, and rolled right underneath my feet.

Game-used swatches on cards are nice, and I collect the crap out of them, but any time you can get your hands on a full game used item, even at the junior league level, it's so much cooler.

Needless to say, it was a great night overall.


  1. Awesome grab, never got a puck before, the closest I came was at a pre season Flyers/Islanders game and it landed in my row.. but that thing was coming fast I wasn't trying to catch it.

    1. I didn't even see this thing either. The only way I got it was that it banged off of the seat next to me and literally rolled underneath my legs. I simply got lucky.