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Sunday, March 3, 2013

$25 Box From Card Show Pt. 2 - Baseball

Yesterday, I kicked off this series by showing you the box of hits I got at a card show last month for the INSANE price of $25. Of those 178 hits, 28 were baseball. Now, most people, including myself would have EASILY paif the $25 for just these baseball cards, but keep in mind, this is only 1/7 of the total loot. For those who want a bit of a spoiler alert, I've posted all of the individual cards in the appropriate trade bait folder, which has led to a few of them already being traded away.

Anyway, here's a quick rundown of the baseball hits I got out of the box:

2005 Donruss Elite Bobby Doerr 20/200, 2006 SP Legendary Cuts Johnny Mize 37/75
Both of these have the gray flannel old-timey swatch which is ALWAYS cool. I'm keeping these, for now, at least.

2009 Heritage Carl Crawford, J.D. Drew, 2008 Heritage Johnny Estrada, 2009 Heritage Kevin Mench, Rocco Baldelli

2012 Heritage Prince Fielder (traded), Tommy Hanson, Nick Swisher, 2010 Heritage Dan Uggla

2008 Upper Deck Takashi Saito (traded), Daniel Cabrera, 2009 Upper Deck Jeff Francis (traded), Brian Bass

2009 Upper Deck Andy Sonnanstine, Chris Resop, 2007 Topps '52 Jason Miller, 2007 Bowman Franklin Morales, Kevin Mulvey

2012 Topps Joey Votto, Craig Gentry, 2009 Upper Deck X Jesse Carlson, Josh Newman

2008 Topps Austin Kearns, 2008 Tristar Prospects Plus Jason Place 1/50, 2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Justin Jackson, 2008 Razor Carlos Gutierrez 122/1199

That's it for baseball. We've already made out ahead on this box, and we've barely even cracked the surface. Tomorrow, I'll hit you up with basketball, and then follow it up with two days of football. Football will the split up between Texans & Vikings hits (yes, there were THAT MANY Vikings) on day 4 and the rest of football on day 5. As always, let me know if anything interests you.


  1. Geez man, great deal. And you're barely done with the box. Good job.

  2. This looks like a great deal. Definitely got your $ worth.