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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Trade Day

Well, it looks like the postman was busy today. After work, I opened up my mailbox, and much to my surprise, there were a few packages waiting for me, two from trades and one from a fantastic giveaway.

The first is from Larry the Sewing Machine Guy. I went to his blog a week or so ago and read about his box of 2010 Topps 206. While he was a bit underwhelmed with the look of this year's set, he pulled what this Cubs fan would call a jackpot, getting a Giovanni Soto jersey card and a Frank Chance silk card. While most would simply scan over something like this, when you consider the amount of teams and players possible, getting two from my favorite team is quite the rarity. Of course, I had to have them. He was also incredibly generous with the Allen & Ginter cards he sent me, all of which I believe, are short prints.

I also found a trade package from Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle. I sent him a ton of 1989 Topps and 2010 Allen & Ginter to chip away at his want list, and in return, I received quite a few 2010 Topps Heritage to put in my collection. He was also able to send a few Ryne Sandberg cards my way, along with a couple of Pittsburgh Penguins. My favorite was definitely the Denny's hologram, which is my first of that type. Despite the fact that he is wearing the ugliest Cubs jersey in team history, the hologram shows him turning a DP at second.

In addition to the trades, I also received a package from Ted at Crinkly Wrappers. Under part 1 of his "Year-End Clearance," I decided to pick option #4, which was essentially a grab bag of random cards, with a few from my favorite team thrown in and he did not disappoint. In addition to a few great cards from outside Wrigley, I found quite a few cards to add to my Cubs collection and a few Zambranos and Woods as well. (The picture wouldn't upload for some reason, but I assure you, there are some great looking cards.)

Thanks for the cards everyone. I look forward to plenty more trades in the future.


  1. Got the cards yesterday Matt, and WOW! Awesome stuff, I'm still sorting through all of them haha. Thanks again man, and I'm going to set stuff aside for you when I come across anything I think you'll like, considering how many cards you sent my way.

    Much thanks again.

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