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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blaster Box of 2017 Topps Heritage

I haven't quite picked up a hobby box of 2017 Heritage quite yet, but I plan on it. As a TTM collector, these are great for getting signed, and look great with some ink on them. Anyway, no hobby box quite yet, but I did decide to pick up a blaster box of Heritage, just to check it out.

This year's heritage takes after the 1968 Design, with the burlap border, and circle for the team name. As always, there are plenty of inserts and parallels. Here's a quick look at how I did.

After tehir 2016 World Series win, I'm expecting for this year's products to be flooded with Cubs cards, and as a Cubs fan, I'm absolutely ok with that. However, there were only three in my box:
Jason Heyward, John Lester & Jake Arrieta "Chicago Aces," and a chrome Kris Bryant.

In addition to the three current Cubs, I also got three former Cubs with Jorge Soler, Starlin Castro, and Darwin Barney.

Out of the whole blaster, I only got one short print: Andrew McCutchen. It can make it really difficult to build the set this way, as 100 out of 500 are SPs.

Foil cards fell at a rate of one-per-pack. I'm not sure if that's the official odds, but that's how it worked out for me. Kris Bryant was the big one out of these for me, of course.

The last of the parallels is a mini of Carlos Beltran, numbered 87/100. Same as the regular cards, but, you know. smaller.

I got two Topps Game cards of Clayton Kershaw and Yoan Moncada. I know this is based off of the 1968 insert set, but I wonder if there are any official rules for an actual game that these cards can be used for.

I also got one card from the Bazooka Mini set of Buster Posey. I know nothing about these cards, but I would guess that they came with Bazooka Bubble Gum.

Lastly, is a News Flashbacks cards featuring the Vietnam War. I like this insert set, as it gives you an idea of what was going on when this original 1968 set was released.

That's it for this one. I hope to get more in the future. I don't like all of the classic designs, but this is a great design that I don't mind seeing recreated.


  1. That's one hell of a blaster! I would say you faired better than some hobby boxes I've seen.

  2. Would you be willing to part with the Freeman card?

    1. Sure would. E-mail me at

  3. Man, I got a blaster and seriously got nothing of note. Jealous seeing this.

  4. Nice blaster! If those Astros are up for grabs, let me know.