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Thursday, February 2, 2017

2016-17 SP Game Used Box Break #2

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, here's what I pulled from my second box of 2016-17 SP Game Used:

Victor Rask Orange Rainbow Parallel 108/111
The numbers on the Orange Rainbow Parallels are in reference to a player's draft year (/199 or less). Rask, who was drafted in 2011, has developed into one of the biggest offensive contributors on the Carolina Hurricanes, scoring 13 goals and 19 assists so far this season and is ranked second on the team in total points.

Jacob Chychrun Authentic Rookies 83/116
Chychrun is the son of former NHLer (and member of the 1992 Stanbley Cup winning Pittsburgh Penguins) Jeff Chychrun, and was selected 16th overall by the Arizona Coyotes in the 2016 draft. He was regarded as one of the top defensemen in the draft last year, and the Coyotes had to make a trade with Detroit in order to make this pick. He is already becoming a big player for Arizona, making the NHL team earlier than expected, and has picked up 3 goals and 8 assists so far this year.

Ryan Kesler Jersey
I really like the color of this jersey swatch, as Anaheim Ducks sweaters cane make for some great memorabilia cards, especially when it comes to patches. I don't have much to say about Kesler, really, other than to say if you haven't checked out his internet show, "Between Two Zambonis," give it a watch. It's hilarious.

Ivan Provorov Rookie Sweaters Jersey 306/499
Apart from a larger jersey swatch, the big difference between these and the base jersey cards is the serial number. Provorov was drafted seventh overall in 2015, and made his debut this season. He has been making a big impact on the team, scoring 4 goals and 18 assists in 51 games so far this year.

Jason Dickinson Authentic Rookies Auto Jersey
These, like a few other hits in SP Game Used, are a variation of the base set. This one, in particular, has a jersey swatch next to his autograph. Dickinson has played just two games for Dallas this year, spending most of the season with the Texas Stars of the AHL.

Pekka Rinne All-Star Relics Patch 1/15
Now, this is what a patch card should look like. There is plenty of space for the fabric, and this one, specifically, has so many different colors, with all sorts of stitching and different fabrics. Since it is established that the material was taken from his jersey worn at the All-Star Skills Competition, it is actually the jersey worn in the photo on the front of this card, which I think is pretty cool.

That's it for the two boxes. I think I did pretty well, and considering the price of this product compered to others, I'm sure I'll be picking up more in the future.


  1. Beautiful Pekka card. What's the story behind the guitar?

    1. During the Breakaway Challenge, he used it in place of his stick during one of the shots.