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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2016-17 SP Game Used Box Break #1

Well, I had planned to go to my LCS, just to pick up some supplies, and left with two boxes of 2016-17 SP Game Used. I didn't plan on spending a ton of money, but truthfully, this product is very reasonably priced. Each box contains six cards, for of which will be an autograph or memorabilia card. Considering how well=priced these are, I decided to spend a little extra an get two. Here's what box #1 got me:

Chris Bigras Authentic Rookies Orange Rainbow Parallel 6/113
This is the orange parallel, which is numbered to the player's draft year (2013). It's an interesting way to do the serial numbers, as it gives each card a different print run than most of the others. Bigras spent 31 games with the Avalanche last year, but has spent the entire 2016-17 season up to this point with the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL.

Nazem Kadri Jersey
These are your basic memorabilia parallels, where the design is the same as the base card, with a window cut out for the piece of fabric. It's a plain white jersey, but Kadri isn't a bad player to pull, as Kadri is having quite possibly the best season of his career, and a big part of what many hope is a Maple Leafs return to greatness.

Kevin Labanc Authentic Rookies Autographed
Like the jersey cards, these are very similar to the base cards, except for the (sticker) autograph. They aren't numbered, but do have varying degrees of rarity, ranging from group A (1:3,436) to group F (1:10). Labanc has spent most of the 2016-17 season with the San Jose Sharks, scoring 7 goals and 7 assists in 38 games.

Devan Dubnyk/Cory Schneider 2016 NHL All-Star Skills Fabrics Dual Jerseys
While many cards nowadays has as vague as possible of a guarantee when it comes to the jerseys, this one is different. Instead of a simple, "we promise this was worn by a player at some point," Upper Deck actually put the very jerseys worn by the players in the All-Star Game Skills Competition, so you know exactly when and where it was worn.

Mitch Marner Rookie Relics 60/199
I always like the die-cut windows when it comes to memorabilia cards. I always thought it was cool, since I first saw what Topps was doing with Triple Threads, then Panini did it for a few years with Prime. Here we have the "2016" cut out to signify Mitch Marner's rookie season. It's not only a great-looking cards, but a great card of one of the NHL's hottest young rookies.

Jonathan Toews 2/19
Believe it or not, the best cards out of this box is actually a base card! The interesting thing about what Upper Deck is doing with SP Game Used, is that all base cards and base rookie cards are numbered to a player's jersey number (/19 in the case of Toews). Not only that, but parallels are also specially numbered to a player with Orange Rainbow making reference to the draft year (/199 or less) and Ranbow parallels making reference to the player's age (/256 or less). It's the one product where the base card is the one you want to find.

This wasn't too bad of a box. I know there weren't any amazing patches or Hall-of_Fame autographs (although there are plenty of both in this product), but when it comes to value, and getting the most for your money, it's really hard to beat this year's SP Game Used


  1. I may be biased, but I too agree that the Toews was the best card in the box :)