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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Zach Parise Captain's Cloth

Well, my patience finally paid off, and in a big way.

For the last few months, I had been eyeing a particular card on Ebay to add to my Zach Parise collection. This one comes from 2011-12 Panini Prime's Captain's Cloth insert set, and features the top half of the "A" from his New Jersey Devil's jersey, when he served as alternate captain of the team. The Catain's Cloth cards feature about as large of a swatch as you could possibly put on a cards, and these, specifically, feature half of a player's captaincy designation. The size and scope of these give these such an amazing look, no matter what team it is, and the fact that it is limited to players serving those roles means that every single one is of a player of major prominence. Of course, each of these are serial-numbered to two, and both cards will make a full letter.

It took patience and timing to get this card. I first came across it on Ebay a couple months ago, but the price was a little high for what I wanted to spend at the time ($200), and it was high enough that I didn't think people would be jumping over each other to pick it up. As time would go on, the seller would have sale prices at various amounts, and there were a couple that I would have been ok pulling the trigger on, but as the timing went, I wouldn't have the necessary Paypal available to purchase it. Well, a couple weeks ago, the timing and the availability worked out perfect, as it was relisted at a $50 percent discount. I jumped at it as soon as I saw that, and two weeks later, this beauty came to me all the way from Russia.

This was certainly one I didn't want to miss out on, but luckily, all the circumstances worked out in my favor. Now, I just have to track down the bottom half of the "A."

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