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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Fortnight of Penguins Hits Part 8 of 14: Wang Dang Sweet Letang

Recently, I made a significant purchase for my Pittsburgh Penguins Collection. I found a seller who was unloading a bunch of Penguins cards, and when I combined an itchy trigger finger along with a lack of Ebay self-control, I found myself the new owner of 16 phenomenal cards of Pittsburgh Penguins Players. I didn't want to just unload them all on one post, so I decided to stretch it out to 14, mostly just because I wanted to use the word "fortnight" in the title.

Anyway, here's today's "Fortnight" card:

2011-12 Limited Stanley Cup Signatures 69/99

Like the Jordan Staal I posted a few days ago, this card features a silver signature on a black background, next to a player photo and the Stanley Cup. Unlike the Staal, though, I do not already own this card. For some reason, it took me a while to acquire my first Letang auto, but the ball has certainly begun rolling, as this one brings me up to five. It is easily the second-coolest, right behind my Peerless Patches patch/auto from 2012-13 Dominion.

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