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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happiness is a Full Mailbox (Part 2) - Trade from Hobbs' Knights

Package number two Tuesday afternoon was from Jason who writes at Hobbs' Knights. I sent him some Gypsy Queen and Heritage and he sent me the same.

He also sent me a few 2009 Allen & Ginters, a couple of 2006 Allen & Ginters and some of my much needed inserts from 2011 Topps.

I was very happy to find the card that has been the white whale to my Captain Ahab this year, the base issue of Derek Jeter from 2011 Topps. I'm sure there is some collector out there who has 10 of them that he pulled from 15 packs, but I have had the hardest time tracking this card down. This finally completes my set!

Awesome trade, Jason. Hope do do more soon!


  1. Jeter must be short-printed. I swear I have four extra cards each of at least 10 different players in series one, but I never pulled a Jeter either. (Here's a thought: are the cards that have variation SPs somewhat SPd themselves?)

  2. Same with card #1 (Ryan Braun) I think I only have one copy of it and I believe I traded for it.