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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Contest Winnings and Group Break From Sports Card Radio

As a pretty active podcast listener, I have found a couple hobby-related shows that I have really enjoyed, including Sports Card Radio. A couple of weeks ago, they ran a contest related to a box of 2010-2011 Playoff Contenders Hockey. All you had to do was answer a question related to your hockey collecting interests, and since everyone was a winner, your prize was based on your answer. I must have been the only Penguin fan, because my prize was every Penguin pulled from the box.

In addition to a cool-looking base set, there were some fantastic looking inserts. Two of them were from The Great Outdoors, which spotlights the Winter Classic. I was lucky enough to get both Crosby and Malkin, as well as a Lottery Winners card of Jordan Staal.

I also participated in a really cheap group break but on by the SCR guys. Two boxes of Topps Series 2 and one box of Bowman were opened, and teams were just $2 each. I took the Cubs in both of the Topps boxes and got just what I wanted, with a Darwin Barney from each box and a total of three Starlin Castros. I also got one of the randomed Diamond Giveaway cards, which netted me a 1995 Kevin Brown.

In Bowman, I took the Cubs (of course) as well as the Rangers and Marlins. I have a few Marlins that I collect, and I was hoping to pull a Josh Hamilton parallel or insert. The results were a bit lackluster for me, but I did get a few chrome prospects from the Cubs, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

If anyone hasn't been by the SCR site, go ahead and check them out. The podcast is also available on Itunes.

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