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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yet Another Topps Value Pack - I Just Can't Help Myself

Just when I thought I was free from its grasp, I found another Topps Value Box at my local Wal-Mart. I've been a big fan of these ever since I pulled an AMAZING Frank Robinson/Mike Stanton dual auto relic from the Heritage portion of a box, and I can't seem to resist them still.

Of course, the pull of a lifetime is enough to give even the most fickle collector a soft spot in their heart for a product, but me getting that pull is the exact reason I SHOULD NOT be buying those any longer. Seriously, that's like me winning the lottery from a ticket I bought at a local convenience store, and then continuing playing the lottery by buying tickets at that same store. It's rare enough for it to happen even once under those circumstances, but for it to happen again, is nearly impossible.

So, why do I continue to buy them? Quite simply, they're just plain fun. I would say I get more enjoyment out of going through these value packs than any other product out there.

Here's what it is. When I buy a box of a certain product, I do so with a goal in mind. If I get a box of 2011 Topps baseball, I'm trying to build a set. If I get a box of Upper Deck Hockey, I'm looking for Young Guns cards. With these value packs, though, there's really nothing I'm after. I have the complete series 1 set, and I may actually have a second one with all of my extras, and I am about 90% done with Heritage, so the chances of me chipping away at a card I need are slim.

I am able to take a look at these cards with no expectations, no prejudices, and I am able to look at them with the joy of a collector who just loves his hobby. With a fair amount of hardened collectors out there just looking for hits and discarding all else, it's nice to have something that really just gives you the pure joy of a collector.

Anyway, here's what 15 bucks got me:

I grabbed a few cards of today's younger stars (plus a Clayton Richard SP). The Darwin Barney is probably the fourth one I have gotten so far. I'm a big fan of his, but this was a card that was difficult for me to pull early on. Finally, I gave up, purchased it on ebay for a couple bucks, and then literally pulled one from a pack the next day. I have gotten two more from packs since then.

Topps gave me a few inserts. I didn't need any base, but I did need the Topps 60 A-Rod. The thing I love about pulling Yankees is that means I won't have to buy them in singles.I think I have about 5 of those Eddie Murray reprints now.

I also got pretty lucky with a hit, and a good one at that, with a Josh Hamilton relic card. It's always good to pull a relic, no matter who the player is, but when it's one of your top collected players, that's even better.

Even without the Hamilton, I love busting open these boxes, and I'm sure I will continue to do so. I just hope they continue this with series 2 (maybe replacing Heritage with Gypsy Queen), so that I can build on two sets. Either way, I'm never disappointed with these.

I guess, for everyone else out there, do you have a product like this? By that I mean, something you consistently enjoy busting open, regardless of whether you need the cards for a set, just for the pure enjoyment of it. I'm curious to see what else is out there.


  1. I'm addicted to Topps Chrome. Except for 2010. Anytime I am at my LCS, I pick up a couple of older packs of Chrome.

  2. I love these boxes, too. I don't know how many I've boughten -- 6 or 7 -- but they're the best thing I've found all year.

    Unfortunately they're all off the shelves now.