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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Case Break from The Daily Dimwit

Earlier this month, I participated in a group case break hosted by Sam at The Daily Dimwit of 2006 Upper Deck Ovation. With a great looking base set and a good chance for some relics and autos, I snatched up the Cubs at the first chance I got. With 15 participants, and 30 MLB teams, he randomed off the second teams. I was given the Diamondbacks, which I traded for the Brewers.

The set is similar to the Action Packed NFL cards from the '90s, in that there is a texturing to the card which conforms to the players' bodies. The background is also textured to feel similar to the feel of a baseball. Very cool. The base set has just 84 cards, so teams just had 2-3 players each. The Cubs had Aramis Ramirez, Mark Prior and Derrek Lee and the Brewers had J.J. Hardy and Richie Weeks.

2006 Ovation was a big product for any Mark Prior fan, as he seemed to be all over the place. Out of the four different insert cards I got for the Cubs, 3 were of the former phenom, with one duplicate. The Superstar Theatre cards show different standout stars seem to show players who have really stood out for their teams, Curtain Calls spotlights a specific stand-out performance by a player, and Center Stage seems to be just an excuse to show a player in front of a cool background.

Brewers inserts were all of pitcher Tomo Okha.

There were also Gold cards numbered to 499 and rookies numbered to 999. I got a Derrek Lee 183/499 and an Aramis Ramirez 314/499. The Rookie is of Freddie Bynum and is numbered 36/999.

I did very well for myself on the hits, with two from each team. My two Cubs hits were autographed cards of pitcher Michael Wuertz, and the Brewers gave me a Tomo Okha autograph and a Prince Fielder jersey. The Topps Fukudome is a card I had been trying to get from Sam for a while, but I just can't seem to pull any Astros to trade him. I guess he just got tired of looking at it.

Thanks for a really cool break, Sam! If anyone isn't following his blog, go ahead and get over there. Also, the break was sponsored by Atlanta Sports Cards. Apparently, they regularly give some pretty good discounts for people hosting breaks, so if anyone is trying to put one together, go check them out and see what kind of deal they work out with you.

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