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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Father/Daughter Pack Wars - Round 1: 2011 Heritage vs. 2011 Bowman

I was at the Wal-Mart card aisle with my 2-year-old. I grabbed a couple rack packs of Heritage, but before I knew it, she had grabbed 3 rack packs of Bowman. I made her put one back and figured we'd see who is the better pack-picker. The idea is this: we each get the same number of packs, open them up, and the person who has the best top 5 cards wins. Well, really, I'm keeping the cards, so I win no matter what, but you get the idea.

We'll start out with Heritage.

5. Scott Cousins (RC) - Notable for being the dude who injured Buster Posey. 

4.Twin Terrors - Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau - A card depicting my two present-day Twins. Even though I am a Cubs guy, my dad is a huge fan, so I've always had an appreciation for the team.

3. Derek Jeter - It's a card of Derek Jeter. Not much more to say than that.

2. Josh Hamilton - Not just a card of Josh Hamilton, but a Josh Hamilton card of him looking like a bad mother f***er.

1. Roger Maris Baseball Flashbacks - I've always had an appreciation for the North Dakota-born slugger. It helped that my dad grew up in his hometown of Fargo, ND. Plus, it's an insert I did not already have.

There's my cards. A decent showing, but depending on what the Bowman packs have, it could still go either way.

Here's what my daughter picked out from her packs.

5. Lars Anderson Green Parallel 275/450 (RC) - A serial-numbered parallel is always a good pull, especially when it's of a fairly decent rookie. 

4. Sean Coyle Chrome Prospects Purple Border 87/700 - A great-looking card, even if it has a fairly high serial number

3. Freddie Freeman (RC) - A card of one of the hottest rookies this year is always a welcome find.

2. Josh Sale Autograph - To be honest, I didn't even catch this the first time I flipped through the pack. So, out of three rack packs in a period of three days, my daughter manages to pull me two autographs.

1. Bryce Harper Prospects - You knew if an autographed card was #2, this card (or a version of it) was coming in at #1. What it represents to me, above all else, is that I don't have to buy it or keep searching for it.

Anyway, the girl wins this one in a landslide. Maybe it's the red packaging, but she sure loves her some Bowman. With what she's pulling, that's perfectly fine with me.

So far, the score is:      Matt: 0    The Girl: 1

To be continued...

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  1. I love your blog and you are a great trader but I am pulling for your little girl, I love the underdogs and besides, I gotta go with a winner for once since the Mets are so bad.