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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father/Daughter Pack Wars - Round 2: 2011 Topps Baseball vs. 2011 Prestige Football

Round 2 of Father /Daughter Pack Wars begins a little bit bigger than it was intended. I was planning on each of us getting a rack pack of 2011 Topps Series 2 baseball, but she INSISTED on Prestige football. Hoping to avoid a meltdown on her part (That came later when I wouldn't let her eat a banana in the produce section) I obliged and picked up 2 packs for each of us. My packs started first last time, so this time, let's take a look at what she got first.

5. Drew Brees - Great-looking shot and the grey tones of the base cards go great with black-jerseyed teams like the Saints.

4. Adrian Peterson - Nothing special about this card, other than I'm a big fan of his.

3. Dallas Clark Prestigious Pros - Not sure of the odds on the inserts, as they weren't printed on the packs, but this is a really nice-looking card.

2. Von Miller Approved Rookie - Nothing bad about getting a card of the #2 draft pick. However, this shows my biggest beef with Panini's products. I'm almost certain that this is an insert card, but I can't be sure, because Panini numbers their inserts with just the numbers instead of a letter-number code. For example, instead of "AR40," the card is simply numbered "40." Since I am not too familiar with the product, and I'm too lazy to look it up, I'll have to go with I THINK it is an inserts. Either way, it's still a good card.

1. Damian Williams Rookie Review Jersey - Once again, my daughter pulls me a hit out of a retail rack pack. She's only 2 years old (and NOT a pack searcher, I promise) but she seems to see hits in retail packs the same way that dogs can apparently see ghosts.

Now for my cards.

5. Troy Tulowitzki Diamond Stars - I'm indiferent to Tulo as a player, but this is a REALLY nice-looking set. I say that while looking at one card, but maybe it'll be too much when it's in a nine-pocket binder page. We'll see.

4. Diamond Giveaway Redemption 1975 Earl Williams - A common card, but 1975 is much better than another 2007. Plus, it'll be good trade fodder further down the road.

3. Hank Aaron/Jason Heyward Diamond Duos - Nothing is needed to be said about Aaron and Heyward is one of the hottest young players in the Major Leagues. Some of the combos are a bit lackluster, but this one is a perfect fit.

2. Roger Maris Kimball Champions - I'm a BIG Roger Maris fan, so his cards are always well-received by me. Plus, I love the stare-down photo they selected for his close-up shot.

1. Michael Pineda - Two packs in and I already pulled a card of series 2's hottest rookie.

The Pineda was good, but unless there's more backing it up, a jersey card wins it. I lose again.

So far, the score is:      Matt: 0    The Girl: 2


  1. Kids always win. It's the first rule of running a successful carnival game booth.

  2. I knew I should have had kids. I never can find the jersey cards. hehe Nice cards, Matt. Any chance that Tulo can find its way into my trade stack?

  3. Interested in trading the Maris or Pineda?

  4. hiflew - The Tulo is yours just remind me when I finally get back to you on the trade. I may forget otherwise.

    A2 - I'm keeping the Maris, but I'll trade the Pineda. Send me an offer.

  5. I love this series. Keep up the posts.