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Saturday, June 18, 2011

If You Can't Pull 'Em, Trade For 'Em - 2011 Topps Diamond Die-Cut #2

Just one day after trading for a Starlin Castro Diamond Die-Cut, I traded for my second, Cubs reliever Carlos Marmol. Despite NUMEROUS redemptions, I have yet to redeem for one of these, so I have been forced to trade for any of these cards I would want. For this one card, all I had to do is give up 24 cards from the years 200-2009. None of them were cards I would ever pay shipping for, so I had no problem pulling the trigger on this one. A few of the better cards I gave up were:

2001 Carlos Delgado
2002 Barry Larkin
2002 Shawn Green
2007 Hank Blalock
2007 Barry Zito
2008 Matt Garza
2009 Manny Ramirez
...and 17 commons

In return, here's the new card I will soon be a proud owner of:

I think I'm going to actually go for the team set of these. I still need Aramis Ramirez, Ernie Banks, Marlon Byrd, and Tyler Colvin. I have made offers for each of them, but I may have to pull a few die-cuts myself to help close the deals.

So far, though, off to a good start.


  1. Damn, nice trade Matt! Sweet pickup, good luck with the team set.

  2. Thanks. I didn't think there was any way I'd get rid of those cards, and from the offers I'm getting for my Starlin Castro, I was LUCKY to get it for nothing more than a single 1954 common.

  3. These cards def make the diamond giveaway site more fun. I got lucky and unlocked another one today. A Brian Matusz