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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happiness is a Full Mailbox (Part 3) - Trade from Crinkly Wrappers

Last but not least in my Tuesday afternoon of trade packages, comes a box from Ted, who blogs at Crinkly Wrappers. I sent Ted a ton of Topps diamond parallels, some Blue Jays and a couple of manu-patches from 2011 Topps and he sent me a ton of set fillers from Topps, Heritage and Gypsy Queen.

He also sent me a few much-needed cards off of my Topps inserts needs, as well as my second Jeter base of the day, including 8 cards from the Kimball Champions set. This is proving to be a difficult set to put together, as it seems everyone is trying to put it together. Needless to say, extras are sparse, so this was much appreciated.

I also found a few Cubs cards in my stack, most of which I did not already have. Good looking cards, but I must say, Chrome cards are a PAIN to scan as a group.

Thanks for another great trade! We already have another one in the works and I am just as much lookign forward to this one.

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