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Saturday, August 27, 2016

2015-16 Contours Box Break

Now that they have the exclusive NHL license, Upper Deck has had some room to introduce a few new products to the market, one of those being Contours. I'm not sure what the "theme" of this release is, other than every card is die-cut. They also have included some hits from famous fans, so I guess this is Upper Deck's answer to Panini's Crown Royale. Either way, I decided to pick myself up a box, and here's how I did.

Here's a quick look at the base set. It's the typical player image in front of a photoshopped background, and the "contouring" takes place right above the silver foil on top of the card.

Of course, there are parallels, as well.As an added bonus, they also die-cut the sides of these cards to give them that extra bonus beyond just different-colored foil.
Steve Yzerman 121/499, Andrew Ladd 116/499

Rookie Resume Connor Hellebuyck  286/399
The rookie Resume cards are an insert, of course, but I'm not sure if they really provide anything different than the base cards, apart from a serial number and a lack of die-cutting. 

Oscar Lindberg Rookie Resume Proof 40/50

Youth Movement Sean Couturier 307/399
The Youth Movement autograph cards, I think, focus on the younger players in the league. Although I hate the Flyers, you could do much worse than pulling Couturier.

Oscar Lindberg Rookies Auto 328/499
These are the rookie cards for the set. 30 cards feature just an autograph, and 30 feature an autograph and a jersey swatch. Not a bad hit at all, but like the Couturier above, it is a sticker auto.

High Profile Fans Larry King Jersey
This is what I think is kind of cool. They have included a few celebrities from outside of the hockey world who are huge fans as hits in the product. While I am not a huge Larry King fan, in particular, I do love that Upper Deck tried to do something different with this product. 

High Profile Fans CM Punk
The High Profice Fans cards are inserted at a rate of 1:41, so it's nice to grab two of them in my 4-pack box. As a massive fan of pro wrestling, that fact that I grabbed a card of one of the most prolific wrestlers of this era, is even nicer! Looking at King & Punk, though, I do wish Upper Deck included a short write-up on their fandom in the text on the back, instead of just their accomplishment in their particular lines of work. 

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