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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fairfield Sports Re-Pack: Minnesota Fan Box

While perusing the card aisle at my local Target a while back, I came across one of the infamous Fairfield re-packs. As far as I can tell, the company just puts retail packs together and resells them at an affordable price, but every now and then, they come across some interesting themes.

Being in Minnesota, naturally, I was able to find a "Minnesota Fan Box." This collection combines three unopened football card packs along with a guaranteed memorabilia or autographed card of a Minnesota Vikings player.

My three packs were 2012 Strata, 2012 Prime, and 2008 Gridiron Gear. I'm pretty sure all three are retail packs.

There really wasn't a whole lot of excitement out of the packs. The top cards out of each of the packs were an Andre Johnson base card from Strata, a David Wilson blue parallel from Prime, and an Aaron Rodgers base card from Gridiron Gear.

My guaranteed hit, which was packaged separately and not as part of the packs, was a 2006 Rookies & Stars Tarvaris Jackson Freshman Orientation jersey card, numbered 93/125. Jackson had a good couple of years with Minnesota, but wasn't able to hold on to his starting job. He did, however, end up in Seattle this year, and became the first backup quarterback in 13 years to play in the Superbowl, so things worked out pretty well in the end.

Most of these are pretty anticlimactic, I think, especially when you consider that all of these hits are purchased separately and inserted in the box. I'd imagine you'll find mostly $1 relics & autos, but maybe there are a few good ones in there somewhere.


  1. Not a bad haul. I like the idea of "regional" re-packs. If I ever came across a NY one, I'd pick it up.

  2. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for some Bay Area editions of these repacks. Although... even if I find them, I'm not sure I'll actually buy them unless they're dirt cheap. Congratulations on pulling the Tavaris. I thought he was going to be huge and picked up a few of his autographs a few years ago.

  3. Yeah, I keep seeing these Minnesota Fan Boxes at my local metro area Targets and always hope one day to see a baseball version. Oh, well!