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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Group Break Sign-Ups - Best of 2012 Topps (So Far)

After participating in various group breaks from a number of different bloggers over the past couple of years, I have decided to finally run my own, and I plan on making this a BIG ONE.

This break will basically be a Best of 2012 Topps (So Far). I am planning on cracking open one hobby box each of 2012 Gypsy Queen, Archives, Heritage, and Jumbo boxes of Topps Series 1 and 2 (one of each).

I will be doing this one a little different than most, though. While the majority of the breaks nowadays have 15 slots with a randomed second team, I'll just be doing a single team for each slot. I'm doing this simply because otherwise, I'll have to charge a little to much for each spot to make it work. However, due to the price point, I won't have to sell every single team to make it work. As long as I get at least 24 teams claimed, I'll be good to go.

A few things to keep in mind about the breakdown:

-If enough teams are purchased for me to get all five boxes, the hit total will reach 13 hits, which will end up being half of the teams.
-However, if your team does not get a hit out of these boxes, I will throw in an auto or relic card of your team from my own collection. Each team is GUARANTEED a hit!
-In addition to the promised hit, each box of 2012 Topps jumbo contains a complete base set, which means that each team is guaranteed to get a complete team set from 2012 Topps.
-Of the 13 hits, almost half (2 from Gypsy Queen, 2 from Archives, and 1 each from Topps Series 1 and 2) are guaranteed to be autographs.
-Golden Giveaway cards will be randomed among all teams.
-Any card with players from multiple teams will be randomed among the teams depicted on the particular card.
-Any non-baseball cards will be randomed among all teams.
-Of course, any players depicted on a team no longer around (like the Expos) will go wherever that team ended up (like the Nationals)

Each team will cost $20, and that will include all hits, inserts and base cards. Any additional teams will be $18. Payment can be made via Paypal as a gift to matt-pederson(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. Include your name and address along with the payment.

EDIT: The price has now been dropped to $15 per team.

Available Teams:
Atlanta - Captain Canuck
Arizona - Ben Schragger
Baltimore - Zach (PAID)
Boston - Matt Perry (PAID)
Chicago Cubs - Matt Pederson (PAID)
Chicago White Sox - Brad's Blog (PAID)
Cincinnati - Superduperman99 (PAID)
Cleveland -Baseball Dad (PAID)
Colorado -
Detroit - Shawn Welker (PAID)
Houston -
Kansas City - Mr. Kelsey
Los Angeles Dodgers -dodgers88 (PAID)
Los Angeles Angels -
Miami - WickedOrtega (PAID)
Milwaukee -
Minnesota -
New York Mets - BA Benny (PAID)
New York Yankees -BA Benny (PAID)
Oakland -
Philadelphia -Dan (PAID)
Pittsburgh - NY Hitman (PAID)
San Diego -
San Fransisco -
Seattle -
St. Louis - IkesCards (PAID)
Tampa - 
Toronto - Martin Seaboyer (PAID)

As an added bonus to all participants, anyone who claims a team and advertises the break on their blog will be entered in a drawing for a Reggie Jackson bat card from 2011 Panini Century sn 114/250. Hopefully getting the word out will help me fill up spots and make this break happen. If you advertise the break, please leave me a message on this post so I can count it.

If all 30 teams are taken, I will purchase an ADDITIONAL hobby box of 2012 Gypsy Queen, upping the total hits to 17 (incl. 8 autos), so let's get this thing filled.

I am trying to get this filled by Sunday night, so that I can get the boxes ordered, busted and posted by the middle of next week, so claim your team, and good luck to everyone!


  1. can I have the O's please?


  2. Mets and Yankees please. I will promote the break later on tonight on my nest post.

  3. I would like the Dodgers please!

  4. Put me down for Cleveland, please !

  5. In, paid, and promoted.

    Thanks for hosting the break.

  6. promoted

    and payment sent

  7. payment sent for the orioles! Thanks!

  8. I would like to claim the Blue Jays.

  9. if the Braves are still available, I'm in.

  10. I'll take the white sox. I can pay tonight

  11. Payment was just sent and here is the promo !

  12. i'll take Miami sending payment tonight and will be pimping also..

  13. here my pimp....

  14. I'll take the Pirates! Thanks!

  15. Shawn Welker from FB (Baseball Cards Rule). I'd like DET, and I'll promote this through my FB page (Fun & Affordable Group Breaks). Thanks.

  16. Pimped

  17. Replies
    1. Did you send it via Paypal? It hasn't shown up in my account yet.

    2. Yes $15 sent from

    3. OK. It still didn't show up in my account. Double check in your Paypal account that the transaction is completed and sent to the correct e-mail. ( Also, send your mailing address to that e-mail, so I know where to send the cards to. Thanks.

    4. I just resent it, but the hyphen wasn't included in your email. Are you Matthew R Pederson? Thats who the $$ went to

    5. Yup. It just got to me. Thank you so much. good luck, and I hope you enjoy the break!

    6. Thanks, I hope I get a hit or two!

  18. I'll go ahead and take the Giants as well. Payment has been sent.

    Thanks for the break!