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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Got My Bure Back!

Last fall, I completed one of my card collecting bucket list items, when I purchased and opened a tin of Upper Deck The Cup. The 2012-13 issue was a unique one, in that the rookie class was limited due to the lockout, but collectors were compensated with a bonus 2-card pack of Ultimate Collection.

Anyway, I laid down a good chunk of change for the box, but was thrilled to find this card as my big hit: a Pavel Bure Emblems of Endorsement autographed dual patch card, numbered 4/15.

The coolest realization for this card came when I identified the top patch, which is the logo for the NHL's 75th Anniversary Celebration. The key thing here, is that those patches were worn in 1991-92, which was Bure's rookie year, making this an extra cool piece of memorabilia.

Unfortunately, the card and I were soon parted, as my wife & girls were getting ready to fly down to Houston to visit her family. We needed just a little bit more money for the plane tickets, so I decided to sell a few high-dollar cards from my collection to help pay for the trip. The Bure went along with a few others, and while I wasn't especially attached to most of the ones I got rid of, I did really miss this one.

Fast forward four months later, and I'm browsing around Ebay, and decide to check on some Bure cards from The Cup. I figured, even if I couldn't have the same card, I'd be ok with any Bure auto from the set. He doesn't sign a whole lot, so there aren't a ton out there, and if I could at least just get something, I could be satisfied with that.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the same guy I sold the card to back in late October had re-listed that card! Not only that, but it was cheaper than the original selling amount. I had sold the card to him for $350, but now he was asking for $325, which I would have been comfortable with. I figured that extra amount would take care of lost funds due to shipping, Ebay seller fees, etc., so to me, it seemed like an even swap.

The only problem was, the item was a few hours away from ending, and I didn't get paid until the next day, so I would not be able to make the purchase before then. Hopefully, he would relist it. Well, I got home from work the next night, and discovered that not only did he relist it, but he cut the price on it SIGNIFICANTLY. I immediately made my purchase and just a few short days later, the card was back in my hands.

So, after selling the card for $350, I was able to buy it back for just $259.96, which essentially, means that I got $90 back on my box of The Cup. Not a bad turnaround at all.


  1. awesome! Love when the price gets cut and even better when its literally the same card you sold him!

  2. I wonder if he recognized you as the original owner.

  3. Glad things worked out for you. That card is flippin' awesome!