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Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Fortnight of Penguins Hits Part 14 of 14: O, (Alternate) Captain, My Captain

Recently, I made a significant purchase for my Pittsburgh Penguins Collection. I found a seller who was unloading a bunch of Penguins cards, and when I combined an itchy trigger finger along with a lack of Ebay self-control, I found myself the new owner of 16 phenomenal cards of Pittsburgh Penguins Players. I didn't want to just unload them all on one post, so I decided to stretch it out to 14, mostly just because I wanted to use the word "fortnight" in the title.

Anyway, here's today's "Fortnight" card:

2012/13 Prime Brooks Orpik Captain's Cloth 1/2

While this wasn't the item that originally drew me to this seller, once I looked at the "Seller's Other Items," This was the card that I HAD to have. Even in Primes inaugural 2011-12 release, the Captain's Cloth inserts were the one thing that grabbed collector's attentions more than anything else. Each one of these cards are limited to two copies, and each one features half of a captain's "C" or an alternate captain's "A." The cool thing this this card, is that you get a good full look at just how intricate the patches on a Penguins sweater are. Pittsburgh is one of the teams that features a textured material for the patch itself, which makes even a single-colored patch card something special. You also get an outline of gold and black, and it appears that instead of doing three layers of fabric, they simply just put the thin gold outline right on top of the black letter, which require a great deal of precision to be sure that it is even throughout. As if that wasn't enough, you also get the shoulder seam going right through the letter, which will continue on to the card containing the bottom half of the "A."

Of course, if anybody sees the other half of his anywhere, be sure to let me know. An on-line search has revealed nothing, which means that either the card still has not been busted out of a box yet, or a non-blogging, non-message-boarding, non-Ebaying collector is holding on to it.

Well, that's it for this series, I hope you all enjoyed it, and I now have to figure out another way to make another single Ebay purchase stretch out for WAY too long.

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