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Monday, March 24, 2014

2012-13 The Cup Sidney Crosby Cup Foundations Quad Jersey /25

After amassing an ever-growing Sidney Crosby Collection that has reached over 300 individual cards, I finally got my hands on one from Upper Deck The Cup. 

This one comes from 2012-13's Cup Foundations insert set and is numbered 14/25. It features four jersey swatches, and there are also variations of it that will have patch pieces and/or and autograph, with of course, lower serial numbering. I like the look of this card quite a lot. It has a dark tone overall, but the player image in the white uniform stands out really well with the contrast. They also occupy the white space where the autograph is in other variations with a faded team logo, which is much more visible in person. My only issue is that with four swatches, each of them are the same color. Of course, I knew this when I bought it, so I'm ok enough with it, but for $400+ for a tin of 5 or 6 cards, it would be nice to have something a little extra for that money. UD could, at least for this product, take the time to ensure that box purchasers are getting a little something extra for their money.

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