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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trade From Blog Reader Douglas C.

One of my favorite things about the blog world, is the simple randomness of the interactions. I have my regular traders, regular commenters, and regular readers, but I love getting out-of-the-blue e-mails with potential trade offers, which GREATLY help out my collecting goals.

Douglas C. sent me an e-mail saying, simply, they he had a few cards from my set needs that he was willing to send my way, if I wanted to work out a trade. Of course, I jumped at the chance. As a hockey collector, it can be quite a challenge to put sets together, considering that most of  my fellow bloggers lean more towards baseball.

Usually, I can expect to make some small dents here and there, but Douglas truly outdid himself and helped me complete TWO SETS and get some serious ground on a couple of others.

Here's a breakdown of what I got:

2011/12 SPX - 7 Cards. Set Complete
2011/12 Contenders - 4 Cards. Set Complete
2011/12 Between the Pipes - 48 Cards (only 8 cards to go!!!)
2012 Goodwin Champions - 47 Cards, including 1 SP & 1 SSP
Upper Deck - 09/10 - 3 cards, 10/11 - 2 Cards, 11/12 - 8 Cards
1991 Donruss - 12 cards (only 1 away from the full set!!!)
2011/12 Pinnacle - 16 Cards (only need 4 more)

If anyone else has a few moments, check out my needs list and see if you have anything I'm looking for.

Thanks for the trade, Doug, and thanks for all the work you put into getting all of these cards together. I truly appreciate it.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see everything made it safely there. Remember people, when you're going dime box hunting to complete sets - it is very easy to bring a second list along with you.