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Monday, October 29, 2012

2005-06 Sidney Crosby Phenomenal Beginnings

To chronicle the rookie season of Sidney Crosby, Upper Deck released a special set called "Phenomenal Beginnings" in 2006. The set features 20 cards, showcasing various early milestones of his career, like first goal, first assist, draft night, and many other notable events.

After seeing so many of these unopened boxes on Ebay for way more than I cared to pay, I finally found one at a decent price, and in the process, made some great additions to my Sidney Crosby collection (base / hits).

Here's a quick look at the 20 cards and the various events they spotlight.

1. 7/30/05 - Selected First Overall
2. 10/5/05 - First Regular Season Game
3. 10/5/05 - First Career Assist
4. 10/8/05 - First Career Goal
5. 10/5/05-10/15/05 - Six-Game Point Streak

6. 10/27/05 - Celebrates First NHL Win
7. 11/3/05 - Scores Goals on Lemieux Assists
8. 11/7/05 - Scores in the Big Apple
9. 11/10/05 - First Game-Winning Penalty Shot
10. 11/16/05 - Scores Breakaway Goal

11. 11/19/05 - Scores 10th Career Goal
12. 11/22/05 - Scores Goal and Assist
13. 12/16/05 - Named Alternate Captain
14. 12/16/05 - Final Game with Lemieux
15. 12/16/05-1/7/05 - Ten-Game Point Streak

16. 12/29/05 - Scores Two Goals and an Assist
17. 12/31/05 - Scores Game-Winning Goal
18. 1/2/06 - Delivers Amazing Pass
19. 1/3/06 - Scores Two Goals
20. 1/25/06 - Scores Four Points

Each box also includes a special jumbo-sized card as well.

This entire box set didn't set me back much at all and provided a great new group of cards. Most of Crosby's cards fetch a high dollar amount to begin with, so to get 21 cards of his for just 12 bucks is a pretty good deal, I would say.


  1. I don't remember my box containing a jumbo...I think you got a bonus.

  2. pulled a autograph 25/25 card from the set what is it worth thanks JOHN

    1. what is a above card worth thanks john