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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Panini Redemptions On the Way (Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux Autos!)

I got some GREAT news in my e-mail inbox today. After seeing on Friday's Weekly Redemption Card Update on the Knight's Lance, it only took until the next working day (I'm guessing they took Columbus Day off) to get two out of my three major Prime auto redemptions shipped off to me.

Both of my Prime Signatures autos of Sidney Crosby /5 and Mario Lemieux /25 should hopefully be in my hands by this weekend. I was starting to get worried about Crosby, since ALL of his Panini autos this year were redemptions. With all of the time he had with injuries and the off season, I guess it took a lockout for his to get down to business on these. Either way, YAY ME!!!

Now, the only one of this group of three left is a Crosby Prime Namesakes auto /25, which is basically an autographed letter patch. Hopefully, that one's not too far behind.

I'll be sure to scan in and post these wonderful pieces of cardboard as soon as I get them in.

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