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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My First Evgeni Malkin Auto: 2010/11 SP Authentic SOTT

The good thing about following a team that has only been around since 1967, is that it is somewhat conceivable to put together an all-expansive collection of your team's history, complete with autographs and relics of your team's greatest stars. The trouble with that team being the Pittsburgh Penguins, is that you're dealing with some of the greatest players to ever play the game.

I finally got my hands on an autograph of one of the big ones, Evgeni Malkin. The reigning NHL MVP is nowhere near Sidney Crosby when it comes to cost, but he'll still make quite a dent in your Paypal account. Still, when exercising patience and waiting for the right auction to some along, you can get one at a pretty good price, as I was able to do with this gem from 2010/11 SP Authentic.

I still have quite a few more to go, but it is nice getting the big ones like Crosby, Lemieux, Malkin, Coffey, and Robitaille (on the way) taken care of. Maybe soon, I'll look into it enough to get names of all of the players that have certified autos of them in Penguins uniforms, so that I have a better idea of who I still need to get.


  1. Malkin's signature is so hard to pin down. I have a few cards of his signed and he never seems to sign the same way twice. Looking at the one you got, I am just perplexed. Usually his signature is all joined together but that break and crazy squiggle at the end before the "71" is just plain weird. I almost looks like he started it, got distracted, then came back later to finish. I'm just glad his spoken English is getting better than his writing.