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Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Dominion Spending Spree Begins: Bobby Hull Auto & Marcel Dionne Patch Auto

Just like when Prime came out a month or so ago, I got a little trigger happy when it came to Ebay purchases. My conscience is clean, though, when I look at some of the great deals I got.

The first package of my Dominion spending spree came in the mail today, and contained two of the prettiest cards I own.

Both of these cards actually came from last year's set, but when you consider the fact that they are on-card autographs of two Hockey Hall of Famers, who cares when they were released?

The first cards is of Bobby Hull from the Nifty Fifty insert set, serial numbered 6/50. The great thing here is that they manage to give equal attention to both the photo and the signature, without one completely overshadowing the other. And that signature is just fantastic looking. One of the great things about getting autographs of older players is that the come from a time when you actually signed your name, instead of just scribbling your initials. All of dominion's signatures seem to be done in blue ink, which really makes the autograph pop right off of the card.

I also picked up a Marcel Dione patch auto from the Franchise Legends set, serial numbered 7/50. There were a couple of reasons I wanted this card. First of all, despite not being a big L.A. Kings fan, I LOVE the purple and yellow they wore in the '80s, and this card features a beautiful purple, white, and yellow patch from that uniform. The second reason is that I used to own a, autographed card of Dionne from 2010-11 Luxury Suite, but when times got tough financially for us last year, it was one of the pieces of my collection that got sold to help make ends meet. The way I see it, I owed myself another Dionne auto, and this one is even better than that first one I had.

We're off to a good start. I hadn't gotten a ton of Dominion up to this point, but I must say, I am quite impressed. Panini wanted to make this set its marquee offering, and it certainly shows. Stay tuned for plenty more relics, autos, and the results of a case break I took part in.


  1. Great pair! I especially like the Dionne, I too bought a Dionne auto recently to go with my TTM one.