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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Little Bit of Patience Gets Me My Newest Crosby at a Fraction of the Original Price

When Panini Prime was released earlier this month, like many other hockey collectors, I was clamoring to boost my player collections with cards from the product. I was able to seriously strengthen my Sidney Crosby hits collection, or at least I will when the redemptions get filled, but I kind of stood in the background when it came to his base card from the set.

Luckily, I was patient. When first released, Crosby's base card, which is serial numbered /249, was going for anywhere between $10-$13 + $3-$4 shipping, which is way more than I really want to pay for a base card. After all, I can get a jersey card of his (albeit from a different set) for the same price, so why wouldn't I do that?

About a week ago, I stumbled on an auction for one of these cards that was minutes away from ending, and was still at a pretty low price. At close, the card only cost me $3.54 + $3 shipping. The card was mine, three weeks after release, and at about a quarter of the release date price.

Sometimes, people, patience pays off.


  1. Yes. I was watching a Robert Griffin III auto/relic this week. it was numbered to /399, I believe. It sold for $128. In a few months, I expect $50 tops on that. One year, $30.