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Friday, October 12, 2012

2011-12 Dominion Group Break Loot

When Dominion was released a couple of weeks ago, I knew there was no way I would be purchasing a box. For one, they are pretty well out of my price range, and two, there's too much of a risk that I would be dropping a TON of money without getting the cards I really want.

I can, however, afford the buy-in on a case break.

With a box break of this stuff, containing just 6 hits, at best, 24 teams will get skunked. However, with 6 boxes in a case, and 36 hits within those boxes, well, I like those odds.

I didn't manage to pull a Crosby, Malkin, or Fleury, but I did beat the odds, getting three pretty stinkin' awesome hits.

Hit number one was a Robert Bortuzzo autographed patch numbered 66/199. Even though the season is well over, they still had to use "event worn" materials. For one, I'm sure they still had a surplus if rookie jerseys, and two, since Bortuzzo only played in six NHL games, those were pretty tough to come by. Either way, I don't really care. I understand how the game goes, and I've accepted what comes along with it. What I DO care about is the patch itself. This appears to be from the "U" in the "Penguins" from the crest of their third sweater. I absolutely LOVE when I get a patch and can identify precisely where it comes from on the jersey.

Hit number two was a rare Chris Kunitz patch card numbered JUST 2/10!!! This parallel has some kind of refractor-y, rainbow-y foil, as opposed to the regular silver foil. I believe the "game worn" patch comes from one of the top two corners of the crest on Kunitz's away jersey, which is pretty awesome. Despite the large number of Penguins jits that I already have, I had yet to acquire a Kunitz relic, so this was a much welcome pull, especially with the rarity of it.

Pull number three was an "event worn" white jersey relic of Penguins rookie Simon Despres, numbered 98/100. If you compare this with the Kunitz card, you can see the difference in the foil used for the two variations. This will certainly be one to hold on to, especially if the 2009 first-round pick lives up to his full potential.

Well, there you have it. None of the big players, but a satisfying break nonetheless.

This breaker was actually putting together two Dominion case breaks. I bought in to the first one, and got the haul you just saw. Out of curiosity, I decided to watch the other break to see if I bought in to the better one.

A word of advice: DON'T DO THIS!

Sometimes, you don't want to know what the other case pulled.

Two boxes in, to my horror, the breaker pulled this card:

A Sidney Crosby autographed Peerless Patches card! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

But wait.....

ANOTHER Crosby autographed card. SON OF A ....!!!!!!!!

While I initially felt a great deal of disappointment. I was able to collect myself and put the pieces back together. Not too long after that, I ended up selling a Yovani Gallardo auto bat knob 1/1 that I pulled in a group break a couple of months ago and used part of the Paypal from that to purchase my own Crosby Peerless Patches card. I might have to learn to live without the Stanley Cup Champions one, though, at least until someone puts one up for auction on ebay. The two up now have BINs of $300 and $225.

At least I have the purchased Peerless Patches on the way. Once that gets here, I'll feel a little bit better.


  1. tough break on the case selection but nice pickups regardless.

    1. Yeah, that's just how the breaks go sometimes. I did, though, get a GREAT deal on the Peerless Patches card I bought. I'll be posting that up in the next couple of days.