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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nachos Grande Contest - Murder in Willow Cove

In response to a contest hosted by Nachos Grande, here is the story of Cynthia Pritchard

Cynthia Pritchard is a walking stereotype. 16 years old. Cheerleader. Bad Grades. Concerned with popularity.

Let me guess, her boyfriend, Jack Guttman is a football player? Best looking guy in school? All his buddies bully school janitor Larry Mudlin, but HE'S the one with the heart of gold who always is kind to him when his friends aren't around?.

Single mother? Let me guess. Divorce? Husband cheated on her with his secretary? Or is he a deadbeat who bolted when she became pregnant?

And what? Jack's father doesn't approve of her? Noooooooo. You don't say!

That being said: Mr. Green. With the Candlestick. In the Study.

1 comment:

  1. Oh! I was gonna go the "Clue" route! Back to the drawing board...

    (Most excellent post, BTW)