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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Few Recent Ebay Purchases (Including a Sidney Crosby Patch!!!)

Here is what happens when you find a card you like on Ebay and click on the "View Seller's Other Items" link. I just wanted one card, but a few days later I was taking advantage of combined shipping to add SIXTEEN cards to my collection.

The card that started it all was a 2010-11 Dominion Championship Gear patch card serial numbered 26/50. All of the Dominion cards look great and carry quite a premium, but what I like about high-end products like this, is that they really make an effort to make their patch and prime jersey cards look like something special. Here, the gold stripe is aligned right in the middle, making the patch really pop out of the card. As you could imagine, I HAD to have this card, but it didn't stop there.

(Enlarged for your viewing pleasure)

I also added a dual jersey card of Crosby from 2010-11 SPX. I quickly became a fan of this product after busting two boxes of the 2011-12 line, and the relics from the previous year look just as good.

Not wanting the Crosby to be the lone patch card in my ever-expanding Penguins collection, I added a Marc-Andre Fleury patch from 2011-12 Artifacts with a low serial number of 12/35.

The best deal of the lot for me was this auto of Fleury from 09-10 Be A Player. Just $3.80. Not bad at all.

This triple jersey card from 2011-12 Crown Royale showcases a Penguins star from the '90s with Jaromir Jagr, the '00s with Evgeni Malkin, and from the '10s with Mark Letestu. It's a VERY cool card, and there was no way I would be missing out on this one.

I was also able to add one more card to my Miracle on Ice collection with Bob Suter. In their 2011 Decades: 1980s set, In the Game inserted on-card autographs of all 20 members of the 1980 U.S.A. Olympic Hockey Team. So far, I have 6 of the 20. There is still along way for me to go, but I'll get there.

I picked up three on-card Penguins autos from 2011-12 Panini Contenders with Simon Despres (279/800), Joe Vitale (177/800), and James Neal. I've been trying to get my hands on a Neal auto for quite some time, so this one was a small collecting goal accomplished.

I got these four cards for JUST a buck each: 2011-12 SPX dual jerseys of Alex Ovechkin and Ray Bourque, and 2010-11 Dominion base cards of Marc-Andre Fleury (26/199), and Kris Letang )181/199).

And finally, more "One Dollar Wonders" of 10-11 Evgeny Dadonov (132/199) and Stephen Weiss (19/25) from 2010-11 Dominion and Bobby Ryan from 2007/08 Upper Deck. I got the Ryan, mostly because he was the number 2 pick in the 2005 draft behind Sidney Crosby. That was the "lockout" draft where they put all 30 teams int he lottery. Just imagine how different things would be if it would have worked out the other way around, with Pittsburgh getting the number two pick and Anaheim winning what was known then as the "Sidney Crosby Lottery."

Well, that's it for that. All things considered, I would say I did pretty well.


  1. Sweet Dominion score with The Kid! Take it from me, Dominion is VERY addicting.

    Very, very addicting.

  2. Wow, those are some fantastic pickups!! Congrats!