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Friday, August 17, 2012

Card Draft Loot From Jaybarkerfan's Junk

Jaybarkerfan's Junk recently held a trade bait draft, and after seeing the amount of good cards available for such a low price, I jumped at the chance to participate. I was VERY happy with what I got in return, which included a couple of hits for my PCs and a whole lot of cards to add to my own trade bait folders. Here's the loot.

The Keepers:
2012 Topps Hank Aaron Retired Number Patch & 2006 Prestige Josh McCownJersey
Actually, I'll trade the Aaron if anyone's interested, but the McCown, being an SHSU alumnus, is staying with me.

Up for trade:
2005 Zenith Aaron Brooks Jersey, 2009 SPX Michael Johnson Auto 144/299, 2011 Sage Hit Jeff Van Camp Auto, 08/09 Upper Deck Jermaine O'Neal Jersey, 1996 Leaf Dan Naulty Auto, 2004 Bowman John Navarre Auto, 2006 Press Pass Darrell HackneyJersey
If anyone is interested in these, let me know.

This Ken Griiffey Jr.coin looked like a cool collectible, but I'm not sure who made it or where it came from. Still a pretty cool piece, though.

The Non-Hit Keepers:
1967 Hoyt Wilhelm, 1978 Jack Morris Rookie, Topps Heritage Shawn Michaels, 2007 Sage Hit Peterson Rookie (I think).

And here's a look at the rest of the singles:

It was a fun draft, until I went on vacation and completely forgot about the whole thing. I got some great loot in return, quite a few cards for the player collections, and plenty of cards to offer up in future trades. Speaking of trade bait, here are the links to my trade pages: Hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Other.

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