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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some More Crosbys (and a Letang, Too)

In an effort to put together the greatest Sidney Crosby collection in all of Blogland, I picked myself up another couple of hits off of Ebay.

The first is a single-jersey swatch card from 2006-2007 Sweet Shot. There are a few variations, which have one, two, or three pieces where the letters are, with mine being more basic. This one is numbered to 200, with the other variations being more rare. While, yes, it is a solid whit piece of fabric, this is a second-year relic card, which is pretty impressive, I think. Here they were actually able to get a "game used" piece of memorabilia, instead of going "event worn" like in the 05-06 Upper Deck Ice card that I have.

The second one came from a lot of 3 cards from 08/09 SPX. In it, there was a base card, a serial numbered insert card /999, and a dual jersey card. It's a dual jersey card, which is always nice to have the extra swatch, but if they're both the same color, why bother? It just looks so much better for it to be two different looking pieces, is all I'm saying. Still, it's a great addition to my rapidly-increasing Sidney Crosby collection.

Lastly, it's not a Crosby, but an impressive card I got in a 11-12 Titanium case break. I was hoping for some Crosby, mojo, obviously, but I wasn't completely disappointed by drawing a goose egg there, with what I DID get in return, a FANTASTIC looking Kris Letang Patch numbered to 25. The patch may not be perfectly centered, but there's enough of it there to show the jersey material, as well as three colors (white, black, and gold) of the patch itself. I'm trying to figure out exactly what part of the jersey this patch may have come from. Its curve makes me think it's part of the logo, but the thin gold stripe is throwing me off.

Well, that's all for now. I'm sure I'll be picking up more REAL soon. Thanks for reading.


  1. congrats on the Crosbys! and Titanium is fantastic, some sweet sweet patches out of that product.

  2. That Letang is sweet. I have bid on that one twice and lost.