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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Group Break Loot From JABOs

Nowadays, it seems like the only baseball I buy is what I can grab out of group breaks. I don't want to throw in a ton of money, but I do like the Cubs and breaks allow me to continue to build my collection, while not wasting a ton of cash on something I don't really need. One of the most recent group breaks I participated in was at Juuust A Bit Outside. He opened a box each of  2004 Topps Pristine, 2004 SP Prospects, 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum, and 2012 Gypsy Queen. Here's what came my way.

The big hit was from Spectrum, and turned out to be a rare blue parallel of Derrek Lee. The card features a pinstriped swatch and has a LOW serial number of just 11/15. Of course, the rarity of it is a definite plus, but what I really appreciate is that they aligned the stripe perfectly with the diamond shape of the cut out. Like I've said before, a little effort goes a long way with me.

I also received another hit, a Gypsy Queen auto of Marlon Byrd. So far, I've pulled this card from a box I opened for myself, a box in a group break that I have hosted, and a box from a group break I participated in. He seems to be all over the place.

I also received two serial-numbered cards: Spectrum Carlos Zambrano144/199 and Pristine Bobby Brownlie 342/999.

Here are the base cards from Spectrum and Pristine:

Base from Top Prospects:

Base from Gypsy Queen:

There you have it. Not all breaks get so be so successful, but I was VERY happy with what I received in this one.


  1. Your team did better than my team...

  2. I love me some Spectrum, a great all-around product. I have a similar Martin posting tomorrow.