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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Sidney Crosby Autograph - 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention

After selling the David Robinson 1/1 Printing Plate that I pulled from a box of 2012 Goodwin Champions and the Michael Leighton Orange Parallel auto /10 that I pulled from A box of 2012 In the Game Broad Street Boys, I had enough Paypal to land my second autographed card of Sidney Crosby.

This one comes from the 2012 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention set and came as a part of their wrapper resemption program. If I have it right, and I may not, I believe what happens is that you buy a certain number of packs from the Upper deck booth at the National, usually a box-worth, and you open them up, and redeem thos wrappers for another pack of National-specific cards.

I'm sure that not all packs contain a hit, but this seller was lucky enough to pull a RARE autographed card of Sidney Crosby. The fact that this card was in packs shows that Upper Deck has quite a few Crosby auto stickers left over, as Panini has had to put redemptions for him in pretty much all of their 11-12 products. For some reason, Sid appears to be in no hurry to return his signed items to the card companies this year, but after September 15th, he may have a bit more time on his hands.

Either way, the card is super-rare and is hand-numbered to just 15 copies. I know everyone gets down on the sticker autos, but the hand-numbering does add a nice consolation to that. Besides, I like the fact that my lowest serial-numbered card is an autographed card, as opposed to the awesome prime jersey card I pulled from 2011-12 Limited earlier this year.

Well, there you have it. It isn't too often when you get to add a card that you can proclaim the best card in your collection. Until I get my hands on something from Dominion, Prime, or The Cup, this will be the biggest one for a while, I'm sure.