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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Trade With The Daily Dimwit

A few weeks ago, the Houston Astros traded Jose Veras to the Detroit Tigers for Danry Vasquez. It wasn't a trade that hit on most people's radar, but seeing as though I pulled an auto of Vasquez from 2011 Panini Limited, I seized the opportunity and asked Sam of The Daily Dimwit if he was interested in acquiring this card of the newest Astro. He was very much interested, and after a few additions from my Houston Texans hits, he sent me the following cards in return.

2012 Leaf Cut Signature Edition Dr. Ruth Westheimer 1/1
I haven't ever listened to Dr. Ruth's sex advice radio program, so I can't really say that I'm necessarily a huge fan of hers, but Sam had this listed on his trade bait page and I thought it would be a really cool item to have. Now all I need is a Sue Johanson and my "old ladies talking about sex" collection will be complete!

2013 Topps Tribute Billy Williams Retired Remnants Bat 52/99
This card was really the main one I went after. The Tribute cards look fantastic, as always, and how can you go wrong with a bat relic of a Hall-of-Famer from your favorite team. Of course, this card is Williams's representative in my Baseball HOF Relic Project.

2011 Goodwin Champions Igor Larionov Jersey
This card is perfect for my Hockey HOF Relic Project. It features a two-colored swatch that is likely from a Detroit Red Wings sweater, but matches pretty nicely with the one worn in the painting, as well.

2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Craig Biggio Bat
Growing up in the Houston area, Biggio was one of my favorite players from the Astros. He's a great guy, a phenomenal player, and as soon as the BBWA can get their collective heads out of their collective asses, will add "Hall of Famer" to his long list of accomplishments

2011 Triple Threads Andrew Cashner Auto/Jersey 82/99
I know he isn't a Cub anymore, but this is still a cool card of now-Padre Andrew Cashner. Actually, due to Photobucket not showing the full image in thumbnail viewing, I didn't even know there was a jersey swatch until I opened up the trade package, so that was a nice surprise.

Well, another great trade with the guy who I credit/blame for me getting back into this hobby that I have devoted so much time, effort, and money to. Sam's a great guy and a great trader, so if anyone has some Astros or Texans collecting dust, you know where to send them.

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